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Value Proposition

Value Proposition:

Although we offer some preliminary information here, please call us for a no-obligation presentation of exactly how we can offer you more for less. 

Consulting Service to Business:

Unlike your other good and necessary risk management partners (claims professionals, agents, legal, etc.), we do not profit by expenses attached to managing your losses.  We only profit with you on reducing all expenses incurred by eliminating risk leading to loss in the first place.  So we earn our fee not from misfortune but from savings on each step of cost with each loss we prevent.  So, as your risk management partner, we alone offer a 100% win-win business relationship.  Again, we do NOT profit from any category of your losses in any way, (e.g., higher premiums, commissions, medical or legal costs).  Our only aim is to reduce your risks, resulting in reduced near-misses, leading to accidents, which leads to claims and the multiple layers of associated incurred and actual costs.  We will quantify your ROI, (return on investment), having implemented extensive, industry-best ROI projects from coast-to-coast.  In this we stand apart!  That's our offer to you now.

Consulting Service to Insurance:

Unlike many career loss control consultants who may only know a company as a third party, we have extensive experience both in hosting and conducting loss control surveys.  We have management experience on both sides of the table.  There is a difference!  A corporate risk manager, safety manager and others notice the difference right away as we talk their language knowing their challenges. 

In other words, when we sit in front of an insured on behalf of the carrier's underwriter, we understand how we are viewed by management or other hosts assigned to our visit.  Because we understand, we can avoid the misperceptions, misunderstandings, insurance fears, confusions and other negatives that exist, but infrequently discussed until its too late, and underwriting suffers.

With extensive soft-skills as well as technical, we know how to interact with various levels of staff, agents, brokers, financial risk managers, safety managers, and other significant stakeholders.  We understand the art of "first impressions" and know how to maximize the short period of time on our visit.

To know more about our Value Proposition, what services we can offer, and how we stand apart, see our Self-Assessment, and Services Offered pages.