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What We Can Do For You!

What you don't know, and who you trust, can hurt, help and/or cost you.

Save 7% on your workers compensation premium now*! 

(*Let us notarize your Safety& Health Program (for a 2% premium discount), or your Drug-Free Workplace Program (for a 5% premium discount).  Don't be foolish and leave this evaluation to your Agent or others - use a qualified, certified professional only!  After all, it's your signature, your reputation, and your official record your signing!

Right from the beginning, at the first consultation, we show you gaps in insurance coverage - specific risks you should transfer or retain.  90% of the time most companies will have these gaps in coverage and won't know it until it's too late.  Let us prove it to you with no obligation.

How We Save You Money!  And More!

>   Identify risk gaps, over-lap, and/or other potentially costly issues in your coverage

>   Identify costly claim related issues that tie up valuable resources

>   Reduce your insurance premiums*

>     Assist in obtaining a 2% State WC premium refund for a qualified safety program and/or a 5% discount on Drug Free Workplace Program**

>   Assist in SHARP certification (or VPP) to avoid OSHA future OSHA inspections up to 18 months***

>   Offer clean, measurable profitable risk solutions for your specific organization

>   Explain exactly what health & safety programs are required by law, and help write, train, inspect, record, or otherwise comply

>   Provide direction and materials to assist with H&S programs related to new employee orientation, safety training programs, running a true safety committee and incentive programs

>   Introduce an approved self-service type hazard identification & control process

>    Evaluate and clearly document your risks quantitatively and qualitatively

>    Actually write your customized safety program(s)

>    Prioritize recommendations and offer to implement them in   profitable ways

(*Unlike many risk partners, we have knowledge and experience in the actual underwriter's risk-rating process, so we can prepare you for your initial or renewal insurance survey/inspection to ensure you receive the lowest risk rating and save on insurance premiums. Remember only a 3rd party like us does NOT have a stake in your higher losses resulting in both higher premiums, commissions, legal and medical services.  Determine for yourself if this doesn't make perfect business sense!- THINK ABOUT IT!)

(**Former FL WC rules required insurers to include a 2% rebate for meeting certain health and safety standards.  Although, (as of this writing), that program no longer exists, insurers still continue to offer this when quality programs are in place.  Let us ensure you receive this 2% discount.)This also applies to a drug-free workplace program where the savings is a generous 5% off premiums.  Save now! Let us show you how!  (*note: don't be foolish - make sure your Agent does not notarize your signature you have these programs until/unless you have a qualified safety professional examine the documents!  Then we'll notarize it the right way! )

(***OSHA consultation services.  OSHA in conjunction with USF (University of South Florida), offers a SHARP program.  As of this writing, this program rates your health & safety program on 58 attributes with score from 0-3 (worst to highest).  If you're overall program is rated high enough, you receive certification and avoid an OSHA inspection, (upon showing the letter to an OSHA inspector), for up to 18 months.  We can work with you before calling a SHARP representative to ensure you meet requirements with no pressure, embarrassment or costly fines).

How We Work

Many services can be handled in one or more of a series of consultations. In addition, we are a complete outsourced service provider who can provide all your services on a monthly retainer fee to ensure you the maximum benefits described above and more.  Retainer services offer you the best most updated service without the high costs of a full-time person. 

A Partial list our services include, but are not limited to:

    * Safety Leadership Training
    * Mock Compliance Audits
    * Pre/Post OSHA Inspection Assistance
    * Program Evaluation & Design
    * OSHA 10 hour & 30 hour cards - authorized training
    * Risk Assessments/Analysis
    * Industrial Hygiene (comprehensive service)
    * Accident Analysis/Investigations
    * Stress Management Seminars/Training
    * Occupational Medical Services
    * Safety Awareness Campaigns
    * On-site Safety "Temps"
    * Keynote Speaking
    * Compliance/CEU Training (Fed, State & Professional)

Please see our Training Page for additional information regarding available training.

Who We Service

*  Private / Public (union-non union)
    *  Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction - all industries
    *  Small, Medium and Large
    *  Consulting by project, hourly
    *  Multi-locations are okay
    *  Advanced, or Beginner's Needs
    *  Sensitive Business Environments (Mgt / labor issues, violations, etc.)