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Services Overview
A General Overview of Services 

As mentioned in earlier pages, our complete value-added proposition and tailored services can only be communicated after knowing details about you. Please call us for specific information about how we can help you more specifically.

General Services Discussion

We offer hazard-risk management services to most industries, business types and insurance companies, at any US location.  Our services fall within the many terms the business and insurance industry assigns to it including, environmental health, occupational health, industrial hygiene, EH&S (environmental health & safety), safety engineering, risk engineering, loss control, risk control, risk management, casualty insurance, worker's compensation, general liability, and many others. But regardless of the terms used, our deliverables will effectively solve your advanced or basic risk management problem.

For example, we deliver both advanced and basic services to both business and insurance related industries.  Advanced services involve predictive actuarial science, claims and case evaluations, statistical accident analysis, safety engineering, systems engineering, industrial hygiene surveys, occupational medicine reviews, medical surveillance, toxicology, epidemiology, and other services.  Basic services include products, (e.g., written programs, risk impressions, risk surveys,  et al), and services, (training, mock compliance audits, inspections, surveys, et al), related to routine or non-routine tasks.   We evaluate programs such as Haz Com, PPE, confined spaces, LOTO, first-aid, accident investigation, pre/post OSHA inspections, blood borne pathogens, hazardous materials, chemical hygiene, HazWoper, construction safety, 30-hour/10-hour general industry safety, and most others to numerous to list. 

We can lead, or listen!  We either assess and define your needs based industry standards, practices and/or protocols, or we respond to those you have already identified.  Whether you require our own written report of observations, analysis, interpretations, conclusions and/or recommendations, or to evaluate the similar work of others, we can assist.  Our services range from needs-analysis, gap analysis, and technical reviews of previous completed work, to specific tasks, (sampling, testing, training, etc.), necessary to meet desired regulations, best-practices, consensus, or other standards.  Our work product will ensure your status and peace of mind.

In short, we help you anticipate, identify, evaluate, and mitigate hazard risks to your net income and human resources exposure.

For standard larger companies, we can take an integrated approach with your risk managers, safety managers, compliance staff, medical staff, claims professionals and other stakeholders.  For smaller companies, we can save you money by breaking down your risk management needs project-by-project so outsourcing becomes a cost-effective and responsible option.  For insurance companies, brokers or agents, we provide the most sensible, cost-effective loss control surveys for your needs including sophisticated stream-lined information obtained on or off-site for the UW file, and/or in-depth technical surveys to identify and rate specific risks.

Industry Type Examples:
    - Government
    - Health Care
    - Construction
    - Pharmaceutical, Labs & Research
    - Transportation
    - Retail
    - Oil & Gas (all streams)
    - Consulting
    - Others

Businesses Types Examples:
   -  Private / Public (union & non union)
   -  Small, Medium and Large
   -  Consulting by Project, Hourly or as Needed
   -  Single or Multiple locations
   -  Program Design, Auditing, Training & Specialty Services (IH, Assessments, etc.) Needs
   -  Sensitive Business Environments
   -  Professional Demeanor & Credentials

Insurance Companies & Brokers (Loss Control Surveys) See Our Insurance Page
    -  Easy On-line Submission Requests, Tracking & Reporting
    -  Guaranteed Lowest Prices & Highest Quality-Checked Work
    -  On-site Surveys and/or Phone Surveys
    -  Automated, Stream-lined Communication Options
    -  Boiler Plate Forms and/or Custom Free-text Options
    -  Sample Reports
    -  Phone Surveys
    -  Special Services
    -  Fast Turn-around Time 
    -  Recommendation Tracking
    -  Soft-Skills & Professional Demeanor 
    -  In-depth Technical Complex Risk or Simple Survey Styles
    -  Highly Experienced

We look forward to hearing from you soon!