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Hazard-Risk / EH&S Loss Control Consulting
Environmental Health & Safety Consulting
Environmental Health, Safety, Industrial Hygiene and Risk Management Research

Many poor decisions caused by a lack of accurate, precise and applicable information could have been avoided by first obtaining quality information.

Our extensive and highly qualified network of professionals allows us to extend service beyond just a consulting (practitioner's) firm.  We also provide basic research guidance to help solve your safety problems.

Having a love for research, objective problem solving, and service to those looking to protect valuable human resources, GE Risk Management offers this service at no cost.

Tell us what your apparent or actual problem is and we'll either help you define it better, and/or point you to resources, (books, articles, web-sites, consultants, case studies, etc.), that can help.

As with our other free services, we offer this free service in exchange for some marketing assistance, (answering easy questions for our data-base)

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