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Before "mold was cool" certified industrial hygienists (CIH) were the ones performing mold assessments by professional training.   The CIH requires many years of documented experience working under an existing CIH, along with a thorough scientific education just to qualify to sit for the CIH exam which has a very low pass-rate.  Many State licensed mold assessors have a fraction of this qualification.  Here at GE we are not only licensed by the State, but we are accountable to scientific boards with oversight, ethics and professional standards that exceed State standards.  Don't settle for less!

Clear and exact mold standards do not always apply leaving those exposed potentially vulnerable to subjective opinions and errors of judgment.

Don't trust your mold consulting jobs to unqualified salesmen prone to take advantage of public fears about the unknown. 

Use only fully qualified & experienced environmental health & industrial hygiene professionals at GE.

Get only the sampling & advice you need and get the right information you can trust.

Use GE Risk Management's impeccable integrity and exceptional qualifications!

Our professional credentials will exceed standards on any job.

Our advice, sampling and documented findings will ease your mind and satisfy your business needs.

We guarantee best prices and highest quality.
For State of Florida reference information please refer to Senate Bill 2234 (2007) Effective July 1, 2010
& Florida Statue Title XXXII, Chapter 468.