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Besides his professional involvement, Mr. Librizzi represented himself in County, State and federal court against over a dozen attorneys earning respect for his knowledge of pleadings, statements of cause of action, claims, motions and all other aspects of developing a case for well over a year.   His personal experience can be an asset as an expert witness where his professional qualifications are also used in addition.

Evidence, in the science arena, tends to be based on 99% of the quantitative-based data of an accepted analysis.  But in law, 51% of the weight of opinion may tip the scales of a winning argument.  We understand this, and can assist attorneys and counselors at law in taking depositions, and/or preparing for trials while keeping to our own professional and ethical standards.

If you need a well groomed, highly qualified professional with exceptional communication skills, GE Risk Management is a smart choice.   We know how to present simple or complex facts in a clear, logical and, if needed, compelling manner. 

Besides the fact science is growing, and margins of error are spread throughout all aspects of practice, all science itself is theory-laden, and all scientific endeavors are "presuppositional" in nature.  Moreover, all industrial hygiene and safety engineering related practices are self-described as both an art and a science.  So you need someone who has the unique combination of both.  Consider utilizing our credentials in the art, (MA), science, (MS), and of our experience (25 years), as well as our case development experience.

We also serve the State of Florida as a Notary Public.

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