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Self-Assessment for Business (non-insurance related):

We offer the following self-assessment.  However, please call us, (954-782-0472), for the full benefit which includes a free on-site consultation.

Ask these self-assessment questions and see our offer below:

1.  Do you know the preventable root causes of your incurred, actual, past, present and 
     future losses?

2.  Are you currently impacting the direct costs, (insurance premiums, medical, labor lost,
     etc.), and indirect costs, (down time, accident investigations, administrative, etc.), of
     your current program?

3.  Do you understand the real causes of most significant accidents are notpreventable?
     (i.e., fate, acts of god, uncontrollable, careless behavior, etc.)

4.  Do you have "mentored opinions" regarding your loss control efforts? Are they trusted,
     proven, objective and qualified?

5.  Did you know loss control programs are yielding a minimum of a 3:1, (and normal
     ratios of 8:1), benefit-cost ratio? Is your current program yielding these results?

6.  Do you have a risk professional who does NOT benefit from your increased losses
     (i.e., increased premiums, commissions, medical & legal services, etc.)? Why not?

7.  How well does your program fare against your competition? (frequency/severity rates,
     premiums, all risk costs)

8.   Is your current program balanced - shares prevention strategies (the only way to
      prevent costs in the first place), not just managing "give-up" costs?

9.   Has your current program yielded a 30%-90% reduction from your baseline?

10. Have you really benefited from the loss control costs built-in to your current
      insurance premium?

11.  What level of profitable detail does your current accident analysis provide?

Even many of the most aggressive business owners can not answer these questions in a smart business way?

How about you? Are you satisfied with your answers to these questions?

Take the next, no obligation, step of this self-assessment and contact us now.  We offer a free initial accident analysis, (a $150.00 value), and initial phone or on-site consultation to qualified customers.