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Obtaining Clients

Did your client receive their 2% and 5% premium discount for a safety and drug free workplace program, respectively?  Did you lead your client to self-certification without doing due diligence of whether or not they actually met the criteria?  We often find self-certification programs lacking in quality, coverage, and/or competent implementation.  In short, the client has not met the criteria but has signed a notarized statement to the contrary under their agent's guidance.  Not a good or professional practice! 

Why not have us review their needs and for a very reasonable fee make sure even your smallest clients get either or both program discounts and have peace of mind about it.

We can assist you in upgrading your client's risk profile before the insurance survey is conducted, or even before the historical loss data is submitted to the underwriter.  In addition, we can work with the needs of your client along the way, after coverage is bound, to maintain a respectable level of risk for the first survey, or for next year's renewal.

We Are Retention Specialists!

Getting a client is only half the battle.  If you loose them the next year, what have you gained?  As a broker/agent you work hard to obtain and service your client  and don't want your efforts wasted. 

That's why we identify specialized areas of risk others don't have time for.  Then we offer the most cost-effective solutions.  Our risk identification and on-going abatement process fosters allegiance in clear valuable ways that clients can trust.

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