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   Kenneth G.E. Librizzi
      Principal Consultant

The value of GE's approach and transferable skills begins with Ken's own career.  In 2009, he entered his 20th year which began in a rapidly growing multi-site private manufacturing company. There he developed and implemented a first-time comprehensive EH&S compliance initiative, managed a small security-safety staff, and drove down triple digit critical incidents and was promoted to corporate director in 3 years.

In 1994, he applied this foundational experience for clients with similar "first-time" needs as a project consultant.. He successfully delivered numerous EH&S technical, managerial and compliance products and services, (including claims management and environmental compliance), during strained union-company relations in both public and private manufacturing, construction, and research laboratory environments.

In 1996, Kenneth’s first-time project leadership was tapped again by the agriculture industry and he again provided comprehensive EH&S technical, managerial and compliance services following strained union-company relations. While there, he drove down frequency and severity rates between 33%-74%, formed a State Certified Safety Committee, and significantly reduced overall cost of risk, (including incurred losses), while helping to smooth-out employee-company relations. His responsibilities increased to include transportation and environmental issues within 2 years.

In 1998, Kenneth then took his “first-time initiative" leadership to a new level in government by joining the newly created Unit within the Risk Management Division of the City/County of Philadelphia’s Finance Department (by virtue of earning the highest civil service exam score).  There Kenneth's responsibilities again grew as he provided oversight of each Department's own EH&S initiatives, (e.g., Health, Police, Fire, Streets, MEO, and others), and was selected to represent Risk Management on the mayoral Y2K Risk Assessment Team covering risk for all City and County operations and services.

In January 2001, Kenneth took his leadership into one final sector before launching GE Risk Management by accepting an insurance consulting position. There he worked on a very large, high profiled, unbundled national account employing a unique internal “selling” strategy utilizing specialized loss control services in Florida.  In 2004 Kenneth was asked to manage this same staff and service initiative for most US states.  Before leaving, he compiled an industry leading 3:1 to 12:1 benefit-to-cost ratio project over 5 years, implemented his own safety leadership training program delivered to upper management and on-site supervisory staff, and reduced overall incurred claims costs very significantly in each year (overall ~40% or about 30 million dollars in reductions).  This impressive one-of-a-kind return on investment project covered over a thousand on-site loss control visits and is pending publication

In January 2008, he accepted additional management responsibility within the company's Energy Division, handled over a thousand large and small risk control surveys, and received the praise of underwriters, senior management,  colleagues, brokers, and clients.  However, Ken decided to forgo the invitation to live and work at the Houston Texas location in order to remain in his native South Florida area where he enjoys boating, fishing, diving and an overall beautiful lifestyle with his wife.

After 20 years of diverse leadership success, industry networking, and trust, Kenneth decided that sufficient capital had been gained and decided to launch GE Risk Management, LLC.  The firm focuses on working with a variety of clients to implement cost saving risk management initiatives with expertise in leading first-time initiatives for growing or new entities in difficult and sensitive business environments, and in providing insurance loss control surveys.

GE's client exposures have included everything from mold and radiation, to ergonomics and return-to-work programs in a very wide variety of industries. The list of projects Ken has completed is highly impressive and involves most exposures in both safety and health. 

Although has worked in most US states and is available nationally, he works primarily throughout Florida with a presence in North Carolina and the Philadelphia region.  (For those in the S.Florida region it may be of interest Kenneth "Garland Eastham" Librizzi is the grandnephew of his name's sake "Garland Eastham" a/k/a "Pappy" - the founder of Faith Farm, a long-time trusted friend of the community since 1951).

To gain an edge on service, Ken always depends on expert information applicable to specific client needs, and besides his formal academic training (below), he has accumulated over a dozen specialized technical and managerial certificates to his credit.  He also stays current as a member of many professional associations including AIHA, ACGIH and ASSE where he has served as local Chapter president, membership chair, and keynote speaker.  Ken has technical and managerial publications and several awards. 

Originally a divinity student, Ken is motivated by a sense of "calling" with  conviction and accountability, to protect client assets.  His passion is evident to all who know and work with him.

Ken has studied or earned degrees at Columbia International University, (BA), University of South Carolina, Westminster Seminary (M.Div), Temple University School of Arts & Sciences (MA degree), Temple University College of Engineering (MS degree in Environmental Health & Industrial Hygiene), Community College of Philadelphia, Drexel University, Harvard University, Florida State University and others.  His professional designations include: Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH, #9955), Certified Safety Professional (CSP, #19375)), Associate Risk Management, (ARM, 011808), Florida Licensed Health Care Risk Manager (LHRM - Lic. #5504314), a Board Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC), and a Florida Licensed Mold Assessor (Lic. #MRSA 2531) and a Texas Field Safety Representative (FSR, 05048), Arkansas Field Safety Representative (FSR, 08-028). Ken is also an authorized OSHA 10 & 30 hour trainer.

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