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A Message to Potential Clients

In today's economy, and in any industry, everyone wants more for less without sacrificing quality.  The risk management industry is no different.  After 20 years of industry success, I personally ensure you we will meet and exceed your requirements with integrity at the best cost, or we will not take the job. 

We offer hazard-risk management services.  The industry has many terms for this including, environmental health, occupational health, industrial hygiene, EH&S, safety engineering, loss control, risk control and many others. But regardless of the terms used, our basic deliverables are the same.  Our ultimate aim is similar, whether targeted to business directly or through its insurance company or agent.

We can lead, or listen!  We either assess and define your needs based industry standards, practices and/or protocols, or we respond to those you have already identified.  Whether you require our own written report of observations, analysis, interpretations, conclusions and/or recommendations, or to evaluate the similar work of others, we can assist.  Our services range from needs-analysis, gap analysis, and technical reviews of previous completed work, to specific tasks necessary to comply with regulations, best-practices or other standards, or we can respond to the current unknown in order to give you peace of mind about your current status. 

In short, we help you anticipate, identify, evaluate, and mediate the exposures to your net income. 

For larger companies, we know how to take an integrated approach, working with your risk managers, safety managers, compliance staff, medical staff, claims professionals and other stakeholders.  For smaller companies, we can save you money by breaking down your risk management needs project-by-project so outsourcing becomes a cost-effective and responsible option.  For insurance companies, brokers or agents, we provide the most sensible, cost-effective loss control surveys for your needs including sophisticated stream-lined information obtained on or off-site for the UW file, and/or in-depth technical surveys to identify and rate specific risks.

I urge you to consider GE Risk Management before making your next risk management decision.  We offer a free initial consultation.  I sincerely believe our services offer a competitive advantage.  Please see our Self-Assessment, Services, and our other website pages for additional information.

We look forward to speaking with you soon,


Kenneth "GE" Librizzi
Principal Consultant
GE Risk Management, LLC