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SARS-COV-2 Sampling Available

****NOTE: We have SARS-CoV-2 surface sampling using the approved WHO sampling method***  Please call for immediate assistance (954-782-0472). 

We offer both general Corona Virus sample and the specific currently pandemic related SARS-CoV-2 (a/k/a "Covid-2019", "Covid2019", et al).

(Although only a licensed physician can diagnose a disease, the results of the swab sample does not discriminate between surfaces so persons ordering the test can draw their own conclusions)

Important Note: This website communicates all about us! But we know our services are all about YOU!   Our ability to effectively communicate our value-added services require us to know YOUR needs and requirements.  So, although we appreciate your visiting our website and have attempted to communicate through it effectively, please call today for a concise practical value proposition of your specific needs.  1-877-893-RISK (7475)

The only apology we want to make is not communicating the information that we know would have helped your business save money, yield results, add value and/or be more efficient.

Basic Overview:

We are highly qualified hazard-risk (EH&S) management and technical professionals.  Hazard-risk includes physical, legal and/or morale risks that effect net income loss, reputation, and/or other critical business indicators.  Our detail-oriented specialty services cover nearly all (SIC / NAICS) industries too numerous to list (call to confirm your industry).  We provide outsource EH&S management & technical services directly to employers, insurance agents and carriers. We cover all lines (workers compensation, general liability, transportation, et al). 

A very brief outline of services and what makes us different Includes:

§    Large network of Regionally Located Consultants (see locations tab)

§    No travel costs for most specialty survey or service work in above areas

§    Exclusive RASS (risk assessment selection system) to ensure best in class surveys

§    Exclusive RASS reporting - executive summary of all key LC data collected

§    Integrated industrial hygiene for standard loss control surveys - at no extra cost (see

      industrial hygiene tab for more information)

§    Guaranteed Quality Controlled reports (ID/Evaluation, Monitoring, Reporting, etc.)

§    Very strong professional demeanor of all consultants

§    Pre /Post Bound Risk Surveys and/or Ratings (phone/on-site/standard and/or custom)

§    Accident Record Analysis - for large accounts/clients we have a first rate accident 
      analysis technique that guarantees the best statistical summation to identify best risk 
      control opportunitiies - at no extra cost.

§    Safety/Risk Management Program Design, Development and/or Promotion

§    Classification Underwriting service (confirmation /validation by SIC / NAICS)

§    Stream-lined Electronic Data Transfer, Reporting, Tracking & Monitoring

§    Accident Investigations (multi-site, interviews, observations, analysis, opinions, etc.)

§    Pre / Post Regulatory Inspections Violations etc. 

At the heart of any successful on-site risk management program there must be (formally or informally):

§   Standards           (Professional, Corporate, Legal / Regulations, Consensus  
                                   Ethical, and/or Best Practices)
§   Training               (Leadership, Technical, Management, and / or Employee,
                                   etc. )
§   Accountability    (Management, Employee and / or Assumed)

Although sometimes an over simplification, our service revolves around anticipating, identifying, evaluating, and recommending hazard-risk controls involving these three (3) items.  We work with you and/or your staff to help develop and effectively implement, as warranted.

As the sole principal I am very pleased you decided to read our website. My personal reputation for excellent service with integrity has been clearly documented for 25+ years. I have given my business model more planning than most anyone you will probably ever meet and I will strive to exceed your expectations.

In addition, for utilizing G.E,, you will have some guarantees you can trust. First, I deliberately keep my business small enough so you can always reach me, usually immediately, but otherwise in very little time. Second, we constantly refine our business model to manage competition, usually by improving quality, cost, geographical availability, and/or turn-around time,  We are also known for our intangibles and the "small things" that others may overlook.  If at any time you are not satisfied with the finest of detail, we will work with you to ensure it is corrected and exceed your expectations. 

Please call us for more information not available here.  In addition, drop us a line if you have any questions or any suggestions on how to make the site more user-friendly.

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